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Octagami's Omniverse Logo.
Network Overview

Octagami's Omniverse (or Omni) is a server network that includes Omniverse and Wastelands. It also includes an arena game server Trident, and a Creative build contest server Genesis, the resource server Wastelands, the and event server Casino

Start Here!

One of the first things you will do on Octagami's Omniverse is pick a few jobs you want to do to earn money. You can browse through and select 2 jobs by using the command /j select or right-clicking the sign in the area where you first spawned. Remember, the jobs are approximately equal in terms of making money. The jobs you pick should reflect what you normally do in vanilla Minecraft, as it will bring in the most money. You can see how to gain job xp/money using /j info [JobName]. The higher your job level is, the more money you earn for each task!

The next thing you will probably want to do it join an already existing town or create your very own town. To join one that is already created by another player, simply type: /rc Any towns willing to invite me? Once the invite is sent to you, you simply type /accept and you're in the town. A person may send you a teleportation request where you can do /tpaccept and be added to that town. If you are set on creating your own town, type /warp Settlement. Once you have done so, you will end up in the newest settlement world, which is where you can start your town. Wander around the world until you find a spot that you think is suitable to start your settlement. When you find a suitable spot, type /t new [TownName] to claim a 48x48 block area. Each claim you would like to make after this costs $100, which must be deposited into your town bank using /t deposit 100.

Great job! You've created/joined a town and have picked jobs to join. Good luck on whatever you decide to do, whether it is crushing the economy, building beautiful monuments, or being a vicious warrior tearing down monsters and players in your way.

General Commands
Towny Commands
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Advanced Jobs
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Artisan Merchant
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About The Server

The owners (Octagami and Lindsu), with the help of Xor and Zemoj (False Idols), created Monuments and Mayhem on March 8th, 2012. The server started out as a humble one-world server with a low player base and over time, it quickly grew. Over time, the player cap was raised, more custom features were added, and more worlds were brought in. As the player cap rose, Octagami's Mayhem Multiverse was released to allow more servers and more areas for players to expand. Almost 5 years later, the new server Octagami's Omniverse launched to provide players with a challenging survival experience.