PvE - Sol Sol Tower, Building Ideas Welcome

Discussion in 'Builds' started by Frederic352, May 25, 2017.

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    I've claimed an area, roughly 540 chunks, to build a monument to Sol. So far, I have begun the terraforming of the ocean biome into a bedrock height work area and I have begun construction of a 64x64 block glowstone sphere as the monument's centerpiece. I plan on using quartz as the main block for the superstructure. Any advice or feature ideas are welcome.

    All the features I'd ideally like to have here are as follows

    1. Market
    2. Hostile Mob Spawning Floor (unsure if these still work)
    3. Gardens of most biome types
    4. TNT cannons and firework launcher arrays for celebrations
    5. Embassy Suites
    6. Possibly a recreational floor with various carnival games and rides
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    Sounds like a cool concept.