Server Outage Since 12/6/18

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    It's not news the Omniverse server has been down to many of you reading this, but here's all the information we have so that you can have a better idea of where exactly the server is at in terms of downtime.

    We have used many different hosting providers over the ~7 years the server has been operating, the majority of the time the billing has been recurring yearly and paid for by Octagami good for the next year of hosting. Before the EULA was enforced by Mojang we were able to accept donations to the server in exchange for loyalty points + history additions for rank requirements in line with our belief of being anti pay-to-win, so that for the most part covered the server's operating costs. After the EULA was enforced we couldn't accept donations under that model, however, that meant the server's operating costs were just burning a hole in Octa's pocket. Nonetheless, he still paid for the server as it was in addition to developing it for years to come, needless to say it wasn't exactly "cheap" in any way.

    So why is that important?
    Well, it just gives background on why we've changed hosting providers over the past several years more than once. It's no secret Minecraft isn't what it used to be and although it still boasts large monthly player counts it's not just our server that has dwindled in active player numbers in terms of survival Towny servers. This leads on to my next point - seeing as we didn't have as many players logging in, we also didn't need as powerful hardware to run the servers without sacrificing stability.

    Around the time of our last hosting provider change Octagami also made a change to the billing in terms of going from yearly payments to monthly payments, and while neither cycle automatically billed, it's understandably easier to keep track of yearly payments than monthly payments. He would manually pay it month to month for the last several months anyway, and there was only one other time he missed the payment window but was able to re-establish hosting before any sort of consequence occurred.

    Ultimately that is the case for December 6, 2018 as well - the payment window for the server was missed, it was a busy time of the year for a lot of people, undoubtedly Octagami included, this much we know for sure as was our last update from Octa himself via email exchanges between him and Zemoj.

    The bad news is hosting providers typically only keep the data for a few days after a payment is missed and it is unknown if the server data was wiped as per the usual policy or Octa was able to retrieve the data. We've tried to reach out to him since then several days ago without a response, I've personally waited to make a post such as this one until the holidays were over to give him breathing room before putting anything out there but I feel as though after a month it's wrong not to share any extra bits of info we knew. Hopefully it's not the worst case scenario where the server data is lost and it's just Octa needing a bit more time to come back with some good news. That's as much as we know and we'll be sure to update with anything new via this post and the discord server.
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    Oh no, my heart sunk as I read this. I tried coming on for the nostalgia, and to check on my old town, get some memory trips... Try connecting for an hour... and then this... I really hope the server was deleted, and if you guys can't host it anymore, you should make the map public