PSA June Voting Contest

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By 12_zombies on May 11, 2017 at 3:28 PM
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    The contest has begun!

    It's starting to heat up outside, why not stay
    cool by flying through the skies on a rainbow elytra?

    Requirements for the vote contest:
    To be eligible to win a rainbow elytra, you will need to have at least 250 votes on the leader board.

    For this month, we will give out a max of 10 rainbow elytra, you can pick which server you want the elytra to be given to you on (Omniverse or OMM)

    1000 votes 1 rainbow elytra
    1000 votes 2 rainbow elytra
    1600 votes 3 rainbow elytra
    1800 votes 4 rainbow elytra
    2000 votes 5 rainbow elytra
    2500 votes 6 rainbow elytra
    3000 votes 7 rainbow elytra
    3200 votes 8 rainbow elytra
    3400 votes 9 rainbow elytra
    3800 votes 10 rainbow elytra

    Results of the contest are at the end of the month!
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by 12_zombies, May 11, 2017.

    1. Notravian
    2. Oxygen
      this summer voting contest better be ****in awesome
    3. ΩVolt9
      Speculation Time!
      • This is a contest; there wouldn't be a contest if there were no rewards to get. Are we going to get more rewards on Omni?
      • The picture shows Jobs; Is there going to be an update this summer? This contest could easily be used in conjunction with an update that adds the alternate Job versions? (Such as archaeologist for miner)?
      • It says "Coming Soon" That means there must be something exciting in this, or there would be no reason to advertise it and increase Hype.
      My analysis: This is going to be big!
      (Let's see how wrong, or right, I will be...)
    4. Oxygen
      Holy crap, you put some deep thought into this...
    5. ΩVolt9
      I watch a lot of analysis videos.
    6. Oxygen
      A rainbow Elytra? Um, well, how much do they sell for?
    7. 12_zombies
      The only way to get them has been through voting contests.
    8. DragonBlood
      Just made it to 250 votes :)
    9. 12_zombies
      The winners of the June Voting Contest are

      Congratulations to you three on winning a rainbow elytra! message me in game to get your elytra!
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