Allow mayors to claim their towns closer to each other

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by EnderTeddy, Nov 29, 2018.

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    As the thread title states: Allow mayors to claim their towns closer to each other.
    These are some ways I see this being done:

    1 - Town proximity claiming is completely removed allowing for seamless transitions between towns. A rule would be put in place that unless it's agreed upon by two mayors claiming closer than X chunks to a town is not allowed. I've seen this rule work great on another towny server

    2 - Change the process that is triggered when you try to claim too close to a town. Changing it to a system where, if you attempt to claim an area too close to another town, the mayor of the town gets a prompt to confirm that claim with a command like "/t claim confirm". There could also be a town permission or toggle switch that would use the existing Public (Enabled/Disabled) system to allow claiming edge to edge, or a new switch like "/t toggle Neighbours"

    3 - Towns that are in the same nation can claim edge to edge. Possibly with a toggle switch for the leader of the nation to use. Like "/n toggle Neighbours"

    I really hope this gets implemented some time in the future. I understand that the developers have very limited time to work on the server and do not mind waiting half a year for this to even be responded to. Thank you a lot for keeping the server running for so long. I am sure I am not alone in how much I appreciate this.

    Thanks for your time,

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    These are interesting ideas and I, too, have wanted join towns in the past.

    The work around that I used at the time was a design of median that was a wide lighted park like walkway that filled the 2 plots between our two towns.

    To keep costs down, the guy with the higher plot costs used the two plots at the edge of town as the area for the median and after we had both finished building it, I unclaimed the 2 plot wide strip and he claimed up to the other side of it. It looked cool and worked as was intended but it would have been nice to have that area as functioning town area.

    We joked later about how we should have designed a "border crossing" kind of median instead of a park, but what are ya gonna do. We were both too utopian minded. LOL
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    I always thought it would be cool to have a set of 4 towns that meet at their corners.
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