Fill up on food and your balance this month!

All throughout the month of November, The Lucky 8 Casino will be hosting surprise raffles for anyone to join!

These raffles will only be hosted on the Casino server, you can get there with the command: /Server Casino

One winner will be chosen each week on a random day, each winner will be able to enter an even bigger raffle on the 28th of November.

The best kind of prize is always a surprise!
Happy Halloween.png

Halloween Night has Fallen on the Multiverse, can you survive until morning?

Come and Join us on this spooky day, run jump explore what this creepy world has to offer.

Enjoy the haunted roller coaster ride, dare try to take on the parkour, and even take pictures in the photo lounge to capture your screams forever.

Get lost in the bone maze and receive a special prize at the end, the fun has only just begun!

This wonder Haunted slice of undead life can be found on the casino server. You can get here with /warp Halloween

The world is full of tricks, as well as treats, come and join us if you dare!
Monster Masks.jpg

Halloween Is Around The Corner, So Are The Monsters!

The Monster Masks have been given new life, now once you equip a mask, you will be disguised as that mob while receiving a special effect.


Some of these rare masks can only be obtained by the voting slot machines in The Lucky 8 Casino. You can get there by using the command: /Server Casino

The Vote slot machines require vote points in order to be used, you can gain voting points by voting for our network in the tab above. Or by using the command: /faq voting

There are twelve masks in total, can you collect them all?
Octagami's Mayhem Multiverse Presents:

The Lucky 8 Casino!

Extra cash burning a hole in your pocket? Got some time to kill?

Get yourself down to the Casino to make your fortune!

Featuring a Progressive Jackpot!

Any time you bet in the Casino, a portion of that goes into the Pot. It gets bigger and bigger until finally...


...It's announced server-wide and the winner gets a Minecart-load of cold hard (in-game) cash!

Hang with your friends and relax... at any time playing casino games, YOU could be the next winner.

Voting Point Prize Slots!

Are you one of those awesome people who votes for the server?

You can use some of those voting points here for unique prizes!


MC Figure 8 is dropping the bass.

What does this mean? Log in and see.

Don't be the one who misses all the fun!

We hope to see you there!

OMM_Minecraft_Casino_Dance.jpg OMM_minecraft_casino_slots.jpg OMM_Minecraft_Casino_Foyer.jpg
If you've been playing on OMM for at least a few months, you've probably noticed that our online player count isn't what it used to be. If you're a newer player, you may have heard veteran players lament that fact and suggest a variety of causes.

Delivering bad news is not fun, but I want to make it clear: We're not in denial about this problem. I'm making this post to the entire community because we need your help. This post is to explain the causes of the population dip and how we can address them.

Now for the numbers. How bad is it?

For about 8 months after OMM launched in August of last year, our population fluctuated a bit, but was fairly flat overall. The actual decline started in May of this year (the beginning of summer).


You can see that we had a steady decline throughout summer. This is even worse than it seems, because summer is historically when we see a large population increase, up to 50%. The expectation of a surge of players is the reason we launched Altair and Vega in early June.

What happened?

There has been plenty of speculation (or blame) about why this happened. I'd like to dismiss or confirm those theories.

Theory 1 - Minecraft on the PC is on the decline

The sales numbers say otherwise. The total sales number directly from say that 21.1 million copies have been sold.

I've extended a chart from last year to add the latest sales number as a data point. You can see that the sales trend for PC has been absolutely steady from at least 2011 until today.
One caveat. The sales numbers alone don't take into account the effect of Minecraft becoming hugely popular on other platforms. It is possible that platforms like Xbox are displacing PC players, despite the fact that they own the game for PC. I don't have any data to dispute...