Treasure Hunter

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Treasure Hunter is one of twenty jobs available to players. Treasure Hunters look for ancient ruins in the Wastelands that yield great rewards and use pieced together Treasure Maps to find buried treasure.


Income and Experience

Treasure Hunters earn money and job experience through opening unopened treasure chests in the wastelands and from looted items, as well from picking up loot from mobs. (/j info TreasureHunter)

mcMMO Skills

Unique Skills

There are no unique abilities for Treasure Hunter at this time.

Advanced Jobs

Advanced Job Upgrade Description
Archaeologist x2 $ for looting temples and bones
Bandit +50% $ for looting dungeons and mineshafts
Diver x2 $ for looting treasure underwater
Pirate x2 $ for looting treasure and gunpowder
Tomb Raider x2 $ for looting treasure and temples