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Octagami's Mayhem Multiverse is a collection of many servers connected together into one large, cohesive network. The primary servers of Octagami's Mayhem Multiverse are the Towny Servers, and these include Sol, Polaris, Sirius, Altair, and Vega. There are two other servers available to all players: the first is Trident which offers a selection of minigames and PvP modes separate from the Towny servers, and the second is Genesis which is used for building contests that award reward points and other prizes.


Towny Servers

PvE (Player versus Environment) Survival is the primary game type on OMM. The goal for players on these servers is to collect resources for the creation of grand towns and powerful items. Beyond this, players are also able to build up federations of towns called Nations, participate in the economy, and fight other players in PvP combat.

All of our Towny worlds have unique seeds, so you can always find a new place to build if you are tired of your old town's location or just want to start up a new town.

For information about the various types of worlds that each Towny server offers, please see Worlds.

Home Server

If you are joining your first town, your Home Server is automatically set to the server on which the town is located.

Players must be on their home server in order to accomplish various tasks:

  • Creating a new town on the server
  • Maintaining ownership or gaining ownership of a town as Mayor
  • Being promoted to the rank of Deputy Mayor

Please see Towny Commands for information on the permissions of each rank.

Home Server Commands

Note: "/hs" is interchangeable with "/homeserver"

Displays your current home server.
Teleports you back to your last location on your home server.
/hs set [server]
Changes your home server to the entered server. You have to be on your current home server to switch your home server.

There's a cooldown of 24 hours for every time you switch home servers.


Sol was first launched in August 2012 as the primary server for Monuments and Mayhem. Sol is by far the oldest server on Octagami's Mayhem Multiverse, as it has buildings intact from the early days of the server. Sol has the most Settlement Worlds out of all of the Towny servers and has two Settlement Worlds located in the Nether.

Sol Server Map

Eden and Elysium

Eden and Elysium were brought to life when the “Old World” split. The Old World has been in the server since its birth, and has been expanded in multiple directions. Instead of replacing the original server map, the Old World was split into two new worlds and land was added. This preserved server history while adding more room for settlement. The Old Nether is accessible via nether portal in Eden or Elysium.

Antara and Antara Nether

In late 2013, Antara and Antara Nether were added to Monuments and Mayhem. These worlds both expanded the room for settlement and utilized the new biomes released with 1.7. The Antara Nether is accessible via nether portals located in Antara.


Kyvos was added to Monuments and Mayhem after the release of Antara and Antara Nether. The purpose of Kyvos was to provide a new settlement world for players to build on.


Duality was added to Sol after the release of the Octagami's Mayhem Multiverse servers Sirius and Polaris. Duality uses 1.8 biome generation, which allows for building in all vanilla biome types released before 1.8.

Polaris and Sirius

Polaris and Sirius were both launched in August 2014 as the two new Towny servers which utilized the new OMM plugins. Polaris and Sirius started with one Settlement World like the Sol server.

Polaris Server Map Sirius Server Map


Prime is the name of the worlds included with the release of both servers, and each of the worlds utilizes 1.7 biome generation. Many new and veteran players started up towns shortly after the release of OMM.


Duality was added to the servers shortly after the release of the OMM network. Duality's release coincided with OMM's upgrade to the 1.8 update.

Altair and Vega

Altair and Vega were launched in June 2015 alongside the Cross Server Economy changes to OMM. Both Altair and Vega currently have two settlement worlds with a settlement nether and end.

Altair Server Map Vega Server Map


Two Prime worlds were released with the release of the Altair and Vega servers. These worlds utilize 1.8.7 biome generation.


Duality is the name of the newest settlement worlds on Altair and Vega. These two worlds were added to each server a while after the servers' creation to support new towns.


Trident is the server used for minigames and arena games.

Trident offers many types of minigames that are not connected to Towny servers, including custom server minigames like Mob Arena and Parkour. Trident also offers various arena games, including player versus player games like Team PvP, CtF, and Hunger Games.

For more information on specific games that Trident offers and how to access them, please see Trident.


Genesis is the server used for building contests and events of any kind. The Genesis server is NOT a survival server, It’s a creative build server connected to the OMM network. Contests can be held at anytime or day on the Genesis server, Most contests are for holidays, like Christmas, Or Valentines day or special celebrations on the OMM Network. To get to Genesis, use the command /server genesis, then /warp [current holiday name] to claim plots.

Plotme Commands

To build on Genesis, find an empty 2x2 plot area (plots are 64x64 blocks, unlike 16x16 plots on the PvE servers. Note that plots have time limits because of space in Genesis and will be checked over around the expiration date. Plots will be removed if nothing is built beyond a consensus of leads.

You must be standing on the plot you wish to claim. The maximum amount of plots that can be claimed is a 2 for each event warp.

All Plotme Commands

  • /plotme claim or /plot claim or /plot buy
Claims the plot you are standing on.
  • /plotme auto [World] or /plot auto
Claims the next available plot.
  • /plotme home[:#] [World]
Teleports you to your plot if you own more than one plot.
  • /plotme info or /plot info
Shows info on the plot you are currently standing on.
  • /plotme list or /plot list unowned
Lists all available plots you can build on.
  • /plotme biome <biome> or /plot biome <biome>
Sets the plot to the specified biome.
  • /plotme biomes
Lists all biomes.
  • /plotme done or /plot done
Toggles the plot done or not done.
  • /plotme clear or /plot clear
Clears the plot you are currently standing on to its original state.
  • /plotme dispose or /plot delete
Unclaims the plot but does not clear it.
  • /plotme add <Player> or /plot trust <Player> or /plot add <Player>
Allows the specified player to have the same permissions over the plot.
/plot add <Player> only allows the player to build while the owner is online.
  • /plotme remove <Player>
Removes all permissions from the specified player over the plot.
  • /plotme deny <Player> or /plot deny
Prevents a specified player from moving onto your plot.
  • /plotme undeny <Player>
Allows a specified previously denied player to move onto your plot.
  • /plot visit [player|alias|world|ID]
Warps you to the specified players plot.
  • /plot set [Biome|Home] [Value]
Set your plots biome, or spawnpoint.
  • /plot remove (player) or /plot kick (player)
Removes the specified player from your plot.
  • /plot list [forsale|mine|shared|world|top|all|unowned|unknown|player|world|done]
Lists plots within the selected category.
  • /plot chat [on/off]
Sets Plot Chat to your default chat on Genesis. This channel is local to the server.
  • /plot continue
Set the plots status as not done.
  • /plot middle
Warps you to the middle of the plot.
  • /plot help
Shows the list of plot commands.


Shop is the server's player store, where players can setup buy/sell chests for particular items.

To setup a chest shop, place a chest down in between two fences. Then, place a sign above the chest. On Line 1, type in your username. On Line 2, type in the quantity you're buying/selling. On Line 3, type in the buy/sell price as follows: B <price> or S <price> depending on if you're buying or selling the item. On Line 4, put the item ID of the object you are selling OR simply put what you are selling in the chest and use a question mark on the last line. For more on Chest Shops check out our Chest Shop page.

To get to the Shop world, use the command: /shop, and /spawn to get to the shop's spawn.


Casino is the server casino, where players can gamble on slot machines with their balance, or with reward points.

The casino world has a wide range of slot machines, with different categories spinning numerous amounts of items on item frames. To use a slot machine, right-click the lever on it, and this will take a certain amount of money from your /bal depending on the type of slot machine, (the price of spinning a slot machine can be seen above the group of slots). You can also use reward points to have a chance of winning items from the /rewards menu, or exclusive items such as Action figures and exclusive items.

More information on the casino can be found on the Casino page.

To access the casino, use the command: /casino

Wastelands and Bloodlands

Wastelands is the universal resource world where players can gather materials. Bloodlands follows a similar concept, except PvP is enabled in the Bloodlands world.

The Wastelands world is now one world, as opposed to having a wastelands world for each pve server. The wastelands world resets every Friday. Note that griefing in the Wastelands and Bloodlands IS allowed.

To access the Wastelands world, use: /wastelands. The nether portal is by the Wastelands /spawn. To access the Bloodlands world, use: /wastelands, then /warp bl.