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    Alright, so 2 years ago in 2015 my friends played on here a BUNCH, and 2 years later we've revisited our town and are starting to play again, Slight problem is, about a year ago is my account was hacked and all of it was stolen from me, so now I'm on a new account with the same username as when I used to play and I can't access any of my chests from when I was playing, Just hoping to access my chests and the town owner and stuff can vouch on it being my stuff if needed
    Update: We have used /cc and figured out the other account name is, SubwayJaredV2, that's the account who has access to my chests
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    In order for us to help you further, please edit your post to conform to the following format:

    In-game name:
    Approximate date it was lost on:
    What item was lost:
    (If enchanted)Enchants:
    Detailed explanation on how it was lost and where: