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    Me and lots of my friends are waiting to see more progress in Factions. We are really willing to be playing in OMM Factions because there is one thing we are sure about it: you gained our respect with the quality you provey.
    It's awesome how much work and detail you put in every aspect of the game and I am sure 100% that you can make this the most overpowered Factions ever. If I wouldn't be sure I wouldn't say this. Let me repeat it, I have seen your quality and I am pretty sure you can be the 1# Factions server of the world.
    So please, don't let time get over this really big project and please, investigate a bit about top Factions servers and take the best of them because I want to see how OMM takes the leadership in terms of Factions as you already did with Towny.

    Keep in mind that there are mainly 2 aspects that we love about OMM: the way they update the server (same or almost same day an official update appears) and the lovely way you work every single detail of everything making it very special. Staff from OMM, you're awesome! Don't let us down.

    Sincerely a guy who fell in love with MC again because OMM,
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    ^ Integrates PvP with
    I know it isn't as PvP-oriented as Factions. Factions is not the main focus of OMM, and I'm pretty sure it is not going to come out of beta (I read that somewhere, can't find the quote now).