Lets crank up the heat to 11 as we move into July!
This months voting contest, we will be giving away 11 Cloaks!

How the prizes will be given out:
The top 3 voters for this month will receive a Cloak!

5 players who have 250 votes will be randomly selected to win another 5 Cloaks!

Finally, another 3 players who have 200 or more votes will be selected to win the last 3 cloaks!

(Cloaks are custom elytra)
(Winners are picked on the first of August)
The Youtube channel is back! Here is the first video to revive the channel!

A short introduction of the Omniverse-Server. Just go watch it!

The contest has begun!

It's starting to heat up outside, why not stay
cool by flying through the skies on a rainbow elytra?

Requirements for the vote contest:
To be eligible to win a rainbow elytra, you will need to have at least 250 votes on the leader board.

For this month, we will give out a max of 10 rainbow elytra, you can pick which server you want the elytra to be given to you on (Omniverse or OMM)

1200 votes 1 rainbow elytra
1400 votes 2 rainbow elytra
1600 votes 3 rainbow elytra
1800 votes 4 rainbow elytra
2000 votes 5 rainbow elytra
2500 votes 6 rainbow elytra
3000 votes 7 rainbow elytra
3200 votes 8 rainbow elytra
3400 votes 9 rainbow elytra
3800 votes 10 rainbow elytra

Results of the contest are at...
Voting for Omniverse is an easy way to support the server, whilst gaining some nice rewards for doing so!

Starting this month, we're going to be rewarding your voting efforts with a new tiered job exp bonus system.

Although the Omniverse has been live for a few weeks now, I'm happy to finally be able to share the full list of gameplay changes, or explain the reasoning behind them.